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Passport Health of Sarasota Announces Grand Opening of Bradenton Location and Offers Important Travel and Lifestyle Vaccines as well as Immigration Physicals

Passport Health of Sarasota, the leading private travel medicine advisor and vaccine provider in Sarasota County, announced today the grand opening of its new Bradenton location and its new name, Passport Health of Sarasota-Bradenton.

Passport Health of Sarasota-Bradenton is part of the largest doctor-recommended network of vaccine providers in the nation.  With over 200+ locations nationwide, Passport Health has been recognized by the Center for Disease Control, the Department of Defense, the White House, plus local and foreign governments for superior performance.

Passport Health of Sarasota-Bradenton specializes in providing travel health consultations, vaccinations and travel products to international travelers.  The business provides clients with critical information to help them prepare for their trip and stay healthy while outside the U.S.

Passport Health of Sarasota-Bradenton is also the first Passport Health office in the nation where immigrants applying for permanent residence (“green cards”) can get the required medical examination, vaccinations, and a completed and sealed immigration form I-693.  The company offers immigration medical exams at its existing Sarasota location and its new Bradenton location through its Medical Director, Arthur J. Hodge, M.D., who has been designated as an authorized Civil Surgeon by the Department of Homeland Security.

In the past two years, Passport Health of Sarasota-Bradenton has provided more immigration medical exams than any other private provider in the area.  It has well established relationships with local immigration attorneys and is featured on the Civil Surgeon-finder application on the website of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).

Co-owner P. Christopher Jaensch, who has been practicing immigration law in Sarasota for over 16 years, relates that he “started the business with the goal of providing a convenient and comfortable way to obtain immigration medical exams for local immigrants.  I thought that by offering this service, I could help the clients at my law firm as well as other immigrants in the area and at the same time, provide a useful service for international travelers.  But the business has become a key provider of vaccine-related medical services in the Sarasota community.  I hope we will achieve the same results in Manatee County.”

Passport Health of Sarasota-Bradenton supports the charitable efforts of members of the community. “My favorite travel medicine consultations are the people going abroad to do charity work.  What they do is just so inspiring,” says Executive Director, Dee Dee Eldridge, R.N.  “I think it is important to give discounts to those who are traveling for charity or medical work to show our support for their efforts.”

The new Bradenton office is located at 4800 26th Street West, which is around the corner from IMG Academies and State College of Florida.  Its telephone number is (941) 462-4338.

Immigration Physical Exams Now Being Scheduled at Passport Health of Sarasota

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Passport Health of Sarasota is pleased to announce that its Medical Director has been designated as a Civil Surgeon by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service (USCIS).
With this designation, Passport Health of Sarasota can now perform Immigration Physicals (also known as an Immigration Medical Examination) for immigrants to the United States who are seeking to adjust their status to permanent residence (“green card applicants”).
Immigration Physicals are performed most days of the week. Passport Health of Sarasota has the ability to provide the required physical examination, tests for immune defenses and exposure Tuberculosis and other communicable disease of public health significance.  Passport Health also is equipped to provide all vaccinations required by the USCIS.
The Immigration Physical is a two-step process.  On the first visit; the immigrant must provide basic information and sign a required immigration form.  If available, the immigrant has an opportunity to present his or her vaccine history. A physical examination and mental evaluation will be performed and the immigrant will be asked questions about his or her health and immunization status. Based on the results of the exam and the health and vaccine history, Passport Health of Sarasota may recommend testing for immune defenses.  It will also perform necessary blood and skin tests.

The immigrant will return to Passport Health of Sarasota two days later for interpretation of any tests performed during the first visit.  At that time, the immigrant will be advised of the need for any vaccines required by the USCIS. Passport Health of Sarasota carries a complete stock of vaccines and has the ability to administer vaccines the same day.

Upon completion of all requirements for the USCIS physical exam, the immigrant will be given the completed and signed I-693 immigration form.  This form will be provided in a sealed envelope that must not be opened by the immigrant.  The sealed envelope must be provided to the USCIS as part of the adjustment of status application.

Call us at (941) 362-0304 to schedule your Immigration Physical Examination today!