Yellow Fever Vaccines Available, Yellow Cards Completed

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Down here in Florida the busy winter season is upon us.  Many of our winter visitors like to go on cruises and safaris that leave from Florida and make stops in exotic places like South America and Africa.  These are beautiful and fascinating destinations but there are also places where Yellow Fever, in addition to other diseases, is endemic.  Many African countries require proof of Yellow Fever vaccination and even some of the cruise lines are requiring Yellow Fever vaccination in order to board their ships.


Gelbfieber in Südamerika 2009. Yellow fever in...

Yellow fever in South America in 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


English: Yellow fever map CDC

Yellow fever map CDC (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Passport Health of Sarasota-Bradenton stocked additional Yellow Fever vaccine to meet the expected demand.  We have Yellow Fever vaccines.  Appointments are appreciated but walk-ins are welcome.  Our clients find our convenient, well-health offices to be very comfortable places to receive vaccines.

Passport Health of Sarasota-Bradenton also prepares Yellow Cards for our clients.  The Yellow Card is a written record of all vaccines a patient has received.  Some countries require to see the Yellow Card before they allow a visitor to enter.  Cruise lines are doing the same now with Yellow Cards and Yellow Fever.


English: Detail of an International Certificat...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

For all those travelers out there, please be sure that before you visit any destination outside the US and especially in the third world, that you see a travel health specialist.  These professionals will arm you with all the latest health information regarding your destination and should offer vaccines as well as general well-health products.

Safe travels!

Passport Health Sarasota Stores Vaccines Appropriately

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We Store Children’s Shots at Appropriate Temperature and Monitor Regularly

A Child being Vaccinated

Controversy has broken out recently regarding a federal program, organized by the CDC, that provides vaccines to pediatricians for free.   The program is called VFC, Vaccines for Children.  Apparently vaccines stored at most of the providers were not stored properly:

A report from the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found that vaccines stored at the offices of 76% of a sample of providers involved in the CDC program were exposed to inappropriate temperatures for at least five cumulative hours during a 2-week inspection period.

This is a problem since inappropriately stored vaccines become ineffective.  Another mistake that VFC providers were committing was they were storing expired vaccines with active ones.  Storing the two together can lead to a patient being given the wrong vaccine when they need it, another dangerous situation.

At Passport Health Sarasota we monitor the temperature of our vaccine storage refrigerators 24/7.  If one of our refrigerators goes out of range the monitor begins to sound an alarm.  It will continue sounding that alarm until one of our employees manually turns it off and resets the monitor.  We do this to ensure the quality of our vaccines.  Moreover we do NOT store outdated vaccines with in date vaccines.

When choosing where to get your vaccines chose the “Vaccine Specialists” – Passport Health Sarasota.