West Nile Virus on the Rise

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West Nile virusis on the rise in the U.S.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is reporting the most cases since the virus was first detected in the country in 1999.

West Nile Virus Cases in the United States

West Nile Virus Cases in the United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A total of 1,118 cases and 41 deaths were reported to the CDC as of the third week in August. And 75% of the cases come from 5 states: Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma and South Dakota.  The numbers are trending upward.

Experts say they don’t know why the outbreak is worse this year than in years past, but hot weather does seem to promote the outbreak.

“Hot weather, we know, from experiments done in the laboratory, can increase the transmissibility of the virus through mosquitoes and that could be one contributing factor,” Lyle Petersen, director of the division of vector-borne infectious diseases at the CDC, said in a news briefing.

Texas has seen nearly half the cases of West Nile, a statistic that prompted the CDC to provide more than $2.5 million to support increased surveillance control including spraying. Two CDC teams went to the state to support local healthcare officials, too.

There’s no vaccine for the West Nile virus, but companies are working toward solutions.

CDC Maps World-Wide Health Risks

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Traveling to London for the Olympic Games? Here are some Health Tips

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In just a few weeks, the world will watch as athletes from around the globe compete for Olympic and Paralympic gold, silver, and bronze medals. If you are one of the millions of people who will travel to the United Kingdom (UK) to watch the Games firsthand, make sure you remember your good travel sense.

In many ways, travel to and throughout the UK is similar to travel in the United States when it comes to health and safety. However, the expected crowds in the host city increase your risk of illness and injury.

Be prepared and practice the smart safety and health habits you normally would at home, so your Olympic and Paralympic memories are about the competitions and sites, not your illnesses or injuries.

Before you board that plane
• Make sure you are up to date on your routine vaccines
• Check the extent of your medical insurance coverage
• Familiarize yourself with the operation of the United Kingdom’s health services

Once in London
• Speak like a Londoner 😉
• Wash your hands often with soap and water
• Cover your coughs and sneezes
• Protect yourself from the sun
• Drink and eat regularly to stay hydrated
• Practice healthy behaviors
• Stay alert, especially in crowds
• Follow local laws and customs as well as Olympic and Paralympic Games security regulations
• Make a photocopy of your passport to carry with you at all times.

When You Get Home…

Relax! Hopefully your trip included fun and excitement, but if illness and injury were also a part of your trip, make sure you follow up with a health care provider.

Be sure to share the details of your itinerary and activities with your provider.

For more information: CDC / London 2012: Olympic and Paralympic Games