Information about the Immigration Medical Exam and I-693 Form

One of the green card requirements is an immigration medical exam.
There are certain medical conditions which could disqualify a green card applicant such as TB, active syphilis or drug abuse.  That is why all applicants must take a medical exam before they are admitted to the green card process.

Applicants must take their exam through an authorized civil surgeon.
The civil surgeon records the results on the USCIS Form I-693 (Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record).  The immigration officer then reviews the I-693 form and determines the applicant’s admissibility based on the civil surgeon’s findings.  The I-693 form is valid for one year after endorsed by the civil surgeon but the validity can be extended.

We have a designated civil surgeon, Dr. Arthur J. Hodge,  working with us at both Passport Health Sarasota and Passport Health Bradenton.  He has been practicing medicine for over 30 years and has performed over 400 immigration medical exams.

Contact us to schedule your immigration medical exam at (941) 362-0304.

For more information, take a look at this comprehensive slideshow provided by USCIS.